Shore Diving at Kents Beach (see map)

N.B. all dives below are a maximum 5-minute walk from the cabins.
The bottom is gently or moderately sloping in all areas, and is generally sandy with occasional areas having rock outcroppings or boulders.

1) "Octopus City": Colony of several large octopus at about 60 feet. Octopus have burrows under large rocks on a sandy bottom. Flashlights advisable for peering under rocks. An excellent night dive. A 40-foot wooden hulled wreck sunk by the Powell River SCUBA club is near the octopus dens. A dive flag on a tree on the shoreline marks the site, and an electrical cable has been laid on the bottom pointing directly to the site. Ask locally for precise instruction on how to locate the site.

2) "Rock Garden": Colony of several large octopuses with burrows under large rocks in an underwater boulder field. Depth 60-90 feet. Due south of boundary line between Kents Beach and provincial Boat Launch/Picnic Site marked by a float and a dive flag.

3) "Cabin beach": Gently sloping sand/gravel beach with extremely easy entry.
A line of eelgrass runs parallel to shoreline just below low tide mark - good for snorkelling at low tide. Deeper water has anemones, nudibranchs, sea pens, raffish, lingcod, moon snails. Bottom is fairly compacted, and careful divers won't kick up much mud. Makes an excellent dive for beginners (easy entry, safe, interesting). Area is also very good for night diving (curious dogfish will swim up to lights). Because of the area's very gentle slope and lack of underwater landmarks, good navigation is essential to avoid getting lost, although getting lost is not particularly dangerous as a dive can be finished at any point along the shoreline. This area would be very useful for training in compass navigation.

4) "Boulder Point": Jumbled boulders on shoreline extend down to 50 or 60 feet. Shallow areas have lots of seaweed. Lots of rockfish, starfish, anemones etc. to be seen. There are some octopus dens in the area. This area is a favourite of divers with cameras or video gear, and is good for snorkelling.

5)"Shallow bay": Bottom not generally below 40-50 feet. Oysters in profusion
in shallow water (check with Kents Beach before harvesting).

6)Rock shelf": Gently sloping rock shelf, covered with seaweed. Lots of rockfish, occasional rock scallops and a resident wolf eel. Good for snorkelling. Beyond this point there are a number of excellent wall dives, which are only accessible by boat.