Kents Beach SCUBA Diving - Powell River B.C.

Where: About 2 km. north of Saltery Bay ferry terminal, on Jervis inlet. About 25 km south of Powell River.

How To Get There: Ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale. Drive from Langdale north to Earl'S' Cove ferry terminal (about 1 1/2 hour drive). Ferry from Earl's cove to Saltcry Bay, and then drive 3 km. north to Kents Beach. Both ferries together are ridden for a single fare, paid at Horseshoe Bay. Ferries schedules are synchronised to allow adequate time for travel between Langdale and Earl's Cove, plus about 1/2-3/4 hour margin. Total distance from Vancouver 110 km. road travel. Takes approximately 4 hours from Horseshoe Bay, including both ferry rides and travel from Langdale to Earl's Cove.
Ferry schedules vary, but usually allow catching a 5:30 PM ferry at Horseshoe Bay, getting into Kents Beach about 9:30, or a 7:30 PM ferry getting into Kents Beach about 11:30. Ferry information for these routes can be obtained by phoning 669-1211. Bus service is also available (drop-off and pickup right at Kents Beach can be arranged).

Accommodation: 8 cabins on the beachfront, each with propane or wood heat, hot showers, flush toilets, cooking facilities, refrigerator, dishes and utensils. Cabins sleep 4 to 8 people each. A campground with hook-ups is also available. The campground has a utility building with bathrooms, hot showers, and a Laundromat. Special diving-accommodation packages may be arranged. Outdoor hot water showers and gear rinse station.

Nearby Facilities: Groceries and Restaurant at Lang Bay, approximately 5 minutes north on highway to Powell River.

Dive Supplies & Air: Air fills at DON'S DIVE SHOP 4552 Willigdon. 604 485-6969
Boat Launch: Kents Beach is immediately adjacent to the Saltery Bay Provincial boat-launching ramp.

Diving In the Powell River Area

Powell River generally has reasonable visibility (20-60 feet) in summer, particularly below the thermocline. In winter, visibility can often exceed 100 feet. There are no appreciable currents in most areas dives can be scheduled at any time of the day.
Some dives are listed in Betty Pratt's book "141 Dives", but many new dives have been developed since the book was written. Dons Dive Shop can provide maps and advice to good dive sites. A number of charter operators can provide boat dives. Ball Point on Hardy Island a fantastic wall dive - it has cloud sponges a big as refrigerators (divers with good buoyancy control only - the wall appears bottomless). It can be reached in about I/2 hour by a car-top or bigger boat launched from the provincial boat launch 'ramp next to Kents beach.